Big Brand Experience + Female Leadership

Experience counts. But we don’t see a lot of big brand talent working in the sustainable, socially responsible sector of business. We also don’t see a lot of female creative directors running business for clients that primarily target women in their marketing and advertising efforts. In fact, 90% of creative directors in the advertising/digital industry are men.  But the TRUTH is, women understand women best, women know how to speak to women best, and women look to women for expert advice on what to buy.

TBN is here to bring big brand, award-winning NYC female creative talent to serve sustainable, socially driven companies, organizations, ideas and projects. After all, women make 85% of all purchasing decisions in America. And it takes one to know one.

To see a sample of some of our founder’s big brand experience, visit Since our network of talent is extensive, this is just the tip of the iceberg of work from all the brands we’ve helped build and grow.





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Breast Cancer PSA. A passion project that turned up an Emmy.


How do we engage women effectively in a new way on the topic of breast cancer and prevention and strike a universal chord among all women without using typical PSA scare tactics. Oh, and the budget was almost non-existant.


We lit on a couple of contrasting human truths about females and their breasts.  First, before girls grow breasts and while they are developing them they are often focused on them and preoccupied with these changes in their bodies. Conversely, once women have breasts they often take them for granted and forget to do monthly self-breast exams.  We decided this was good fodder for an interesting commercial.


After approaching several large cancer foundations with a storyboard to get sponsorship and funding for the project and getting nowhere, we chose to co-produce the commercial ourselves doing whatever it took. Deb invested not only a great deal of time but her own money in the project. Paula invested her time and enrolled some of her contacts in donating part of the post-production. During the many months it took to complete the project, Deb found an organization willing and excited to put their name on the end of the PSA and run it on TV.  That organization was SHARE – Self Help for Women with Breast and Ovarian Cancer.


The spot won a New York Emmy for Best PSA. We were told by SHARE years later that the spot did so well and the subject matter was treated with such positivity they ran it for years on donated cable commercial time. We will never know the number of women it reached or impacted.

Film Credits:

Director/Producer: Deb Lucke   Writer/Producer: Paula Dombrow   Line Producer: Deb Jeffries    Music: Gordon Minette  Music Producer: Jeanne Look   Editor: Robin Burchill   Editorial House: Consulate   Director of Photography: Claudia Raschke



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