Why “Why” is key in inspiring your audience.

Let’s face it, “branding” used as a verb hearkens back to the 90’s. It’s not a new thought or term. How do you refresh what “branding” means? How do we approach it and make your message sustainable over time?  Simon Sinek breaks it down elegantly in his Golden Circle illustration. Some organizations (and by association their “brands”) inspire others while some do not. The ones who succeed have a “Why” that inspires others and every message they create comes from their “Why”. The ones who don’t succeed either don’t have a compelling enough “Why” to motivate others to buy their products or services or their messaging focuses not on their “Why” but on their “What” or their “How”. At Truth Beauty Now, we focus on getting to the bottom of your “Why”. Why have you created your company? Why does it exist?  Why is it important?  Why should people care? “What” you make, sell or serve and “How” you do what you do is important, but secondary. In looking into the heart and soul or your company and your Self, it’s important to be real on the journey to uncover your “Why” and to be able to articulate it simply. We are here to help visionary CEO’s do that effectively. From here a compelling brand idea crystallizes and your story practically writes itself.

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