I’m mad as hell. And I’m not going to BUY this anymore.

This film was relevant then and is timely now. Television, entertainment, the news and the media have been used by human beings to distract fellow human beings from what’s really happening, and from what’s important for our health, well being and survival. This is not a new revelation, but a reminder of what we already know.

We know of at least one bottled water company manufacturing and manipulating the facts to sell what’s really part of the human commonwealth – clean, pure H2O. We realize there are probably a few cosmetic companies running advertising about the good causes they are associated with while they are knowingly including carcinogenic ingredients in their products.  Yet consumers continue to buy these products because we continue to create spin as branding, advertising, PR companies. That’s our job.  But what if this was an old paradigm?  What if our jobs were to sell products with transparency and an intention to help people? What if we sold what we believe in because we’ve checked it out ourselves and have determined it fitting of our business?

It’s interesting that even with all the watchdog groups, consumer protection agencies,  environmental and social “seals of approval”, sustainable and CSR metrics and ratings systems, the growing number of  non-profits and ngo’s devoted to protecting the earth’s resources and society, new anti-greenwashing legislation and new FTC regulations, that movement is still at a snail’s pace as if the snail were on the latest extra strength synthetic downer. We all know a monumental shift needs to occur and the window is closing fast for future generations to be left with a world that is livable.

Writing your congressman can make you feel like you’re doing something, but it’s not ultimately that effective.  After all, what Congressman needs to pay attention to letters from consumers and even possible constituents when multinationals are greasing their palms and floating them millions in campaign funds?

The most powerful thing any one of us can do as consumers is to each be a detective for change, and to shop to make a difference from a place of awareness.  This means taking precious time we don’t have to become conscious of the food we put in our mouths, the shoes we put on our feet, the air conditioned air we breathe, and ultimately research where our money ends up being spent by the brands and corporations we buy into. Is it going to a landfill for the next few centuries or to nurture the land? Will it go to manipulating children to buy things that will distract them from learning or to sustain art and music programs in schools?

What if the business community took it on in partnership with all the advertising, branding, digital, PR and marketing companies they hire to “spin’ their stories to be at the source of the transformation we know is possible? What would it take to “spin” a new context for shopping?  In serving society and nature, we serve ourselves and our true nature.  We believe it’s possible for human beings as a collective to take this on.

We believe that the business community could rally together and be advocates for Conscious Capitalism?  We believe our future could contain a free enterprise system with a set of values at its core that empowers society, preserves culture, supports economic well being, democratizes respect for all of life and sustains the human spirit.

What’s it going to take for us to get there? We believe it starts with consumers taking responsibility first to drive the rest of the machine forward. Companies are not excluded. Every company from the CEO to the janitor is made up of consumers.  We all have this in common.

Howard Beal, the protagonist in the film “Network” had one approach.

What if everyone went to their window (ie. their shopping mall, their grocery store, their on-line store, their restaurant, their doctor) and yelled out:

“I’m mad as hell. And I’m not going to take this this anymore.”

And they followed suit by not BUYING this anymore, either.

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