Biomimicry – Sustainable Design Inspired by Nature

This is one of the most exciting and important new fields of study and innovation of this century.  Biomimicry brings together biology and design with the goal of helping us learn “how humanity can live on this home, that is not just ours” gracefully, as said by Janine Benyus, the keynote speaker in this TedTalks video. Imagine lowering the number of infections in hospitals, the leading cause of mortality in these environments, because the walls are lined with a material inspired by the design of shark skin to prevent bacteria from lodging and growing. Could there be a building with a system of capillaries instead of energy eating pumps that move water up through the building, like trees pull water from the ground up through their leaves? Yes there can. And yes there is. Nature is teaching us and inspiring a new realm of design and invention. Biomimicry asks a key question,”How would Nature solve this?” as stated on the website,,a database and an ongoing project that organizes all biological information by design and engineering function. Contributing scientists involved are asking: “What can we learn from this organism?” Access to the answers is being made available to inventors on this exciting new site, so they can apply this learning to product design, packaging innovation, new building materials, revolutionary medicines, transformational operating systems, renewable energy mechanics, sustainable architecture, urban development, you name it. Nature is helping us solve design problems today that it solved well before human beings ever existed. It’s showing human beings how to build and create with minimal waste and graceful efficiency.  Nature is our mentor, and the sooner we get this, the better off we all are.

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